Paul Tipton Photography: Blog en-us (C) Paul Tipton Photography (Paul Tipton Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:01:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 07:01:00 GMT Paul Tipton Photography: Blog 120 120 "New" Photo Oportunities Have made a few trips since my last post. 

One trip to Death Valley National Park is one that exceeded all my expectations.  To be honest my expectations weren't that high.  After all it is the lowest and hottest place in North America.  To say the least, it is an amazing place and a must see.  Lots of color, variety, and interesting history.  Allow a lot of time, it is a large place, and summer may not be the best time to visit. Camping can be interesting. Temperatures, winds and elevations within the park can be extreme. 

 Caddo Lake is another unique opportunity.  Located in east Texas at Uncertain, Texas it is the only natural lake in Texas.  The shallow lake and bayous are wonderful places for photography and wildlife.

My now regular winter trip to Utah for a "boys" ski trip to Alta, Solitude and Snow Basin included Sirocco, New Mexico for the bird sanctuaries, Coyote Buttes South, White Pocket way out in the boondocks and a solo trip to Horseshoe Canyon on the west side of the Canyonlands National Park for some world class rock art.


Caddo Lake

Coyote Buttes SouthCoyote Buttes SouthCoyote Buttes South accessed from Paw Hole just south of the Utah-Arizona border.

Horseshoe Canyon Shaman  

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It's Been Some Time Great Sand DunesGreat Sand DunesGreat Sand Dunes National Park in southeastern Colorado. Gorman FallsGorman FallsGorman Falls in the hill country of Texas. It has been some time since my last blog.  Let's just say I spent less time on photography for a while than I wanted to.  Times have changed...

It is not that I was not able to go places.  I did manage to do that as much as possible.  I've been to White Sands National Park, Big Bend National Park, back to the Bisti, Canyonlands, Arches, and the Great Sand Dunes.  In addition, I have managed to make it to Illinois, Missouri, and a two and a half week trip to New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado, as well as the Texas coast, Texas spring flowers and recently to San Antonio and the Missions.  I have more planed to Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, and later to Death Valley.  Oh, I might throw in a flying camera for a little different perspective as well.  So stay tuned...

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The Southwest - New Mexico and west Texas Fossil Forest HoodoosFossil Forest HoodoosColorful hoodoos in the small and unique Fossil Forest in the badlands of northwest New Mexico.

This trip was instigated by my friend and fellow photographer, Leland Gersbach.  It seems he can't get enough of the badlands of New Mexico.  Well, neither can I.  It was a 9 day trip with a variety of destinations, Din-Na-Zin Wilderness, Ah-Sle-Shi-Pah Wilderness and, Fossil Forest, White Sands National Park in New Mexico, and Guadalupe Mountains National Park in Texas.  Quite a diverse desert landscape from the hoodoos and eroded features of the badlands in New Mexico, to brilliant white sands, and the mountains in Texas.  All quite unique in their own right.  The weather was generally quite pleasant except for the literal "blue norther" that blew in at Ah-Sle-Shi-Pah.  Thirteen degrees in the morning with rain, sleet and snow that night will get your attention.

We met Cecil Whitt, who's photographs were the actual inspiration for our initial foray into the badlands of New Mexico, at Din-Na-Zin.  Cecil's photography is superb.

Leland also persuaded, cajoled, friends and fellow photographers, Zoe and Terry, into meeting us at Guadalupe Mountains National Park.  Zoe's first camping trip since Girl Scouts... I think the jury is still out on any further camping adventures with less comfort than the Holiday Inn.  The company and food was far better than you would normally experience camping! A lot of fun, plus Zoe and Terry actually made it to the top on Texas!

  Smith SpringSmith SpringThis was a beautiful day in the Guadalupe Mountains at Smith Spring.

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"They" say the Icefield Parkway is one of the best drives in the world.  "They" may be right.  It is certainly spectacular.  Canada is a wonderful place to visit, wonderful country, and wonderful people.  We were in the Banff and Jasper area.  Specifically, we stayed in Canmore and Hinton.  We visited Banff, Jasper, Yoho and Kootenay National Parks in both Alberta and British Columbia.  Needless to say the opportunities for photography are plentiful.  We experienced variable weather, from clear, clouds, rain, and snow during our two weeks.  We covered a lot of ground and were out for every sunrise and sunset during our twelve days in Canada.  We were working hard to have a lot of fun.  Another good trip with good friends.

  Moraine LakeMoraine LakeMoraine Lake shimmering in the morning sun in Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada. Stormy SunriseStormy SunriseA sunrise in the lake between Hinton and Jasper in Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada.

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Big Bend Ranch State Park My latest photographers’ trip is to Big Bend Ranch State Park.  It is a beautiful place, although I would consider it on the primitive side.  Not that primitive is a bad thing, just don't expect too many amenities in the park.  If you want something, you better bring it with you.  That includes gas, water, food and shelter.  That may be a slight overstatement, lodging, water and food are available with limited rooms at the Historic Sauceda Ranch House and you can get a shower at the Sauceda Ranger Station, if you really think you need  one.  The parks roads a fairly rough (took us two plus hours to go 8 miles from our campsite to the Ranger Station, and those were the good roads).  They were classed as two wheel drive, but high clearance needed.  The four-wheel drive roads, the Rangers said, were really rough... four wheel drive, high clearance, 10 ply tires, and preferably two spares.  It is a beautiful park, a great place to visit, just go prepared.

The photography was great and the company even better.  It is a fine experience to go with people with the same passion.  Everyone expresses their artistry differently.  There were four photographers on this trip.  We can all take a photograph of the same thing and every one of us comes up with something different.  Sometimes it is hard to tell if we were one the same trip.  That is what makes these trips so fun.  I'm already looking forward to the next. one.

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"Planned" Photographic Excursions Do most of your photographic excursions turn out well?  Mine do for the most part.  I started my journey in planned photo trips in 2006 with a trip to Alaska.  We did not want the trip to be too "planned".  We arranged the trip to be able to change as the opportunities and weather dictated.  I can say that trip turned out great.  Good friends, appropriate weather, and opportunities taken advantage of.  Besides the beautiful Alaska, this trip peaked my interest in further trips dedicated primarily to photography.  By the way, it takes a friend that is as interested in photography as you are and some very patient wives that want to tag along for the experience.  Each trip was different, not only in geography, but in weather.  We had to roll with the flow.  Sun, rain, clouds, snow, sleet, hail, dust, cold, hot, we have had it all.  Our last trip to the "desert" had freezing drizzle, snow, sleet, low ceilings.  It was not the best conditions for landscape photography.  We decided the Indian rock art in the area was going to be the way to go.  It worked out great.  When the weather broke briefly the last day, we were ready for that too.


Island in the Sky


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